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Comprehensive patient care is administered
through well equipped departments attended
by specialist doctors in all major disciplines.
Anaesthesiology and Critical Care
Provides preoperative care pain management including epidural analgesia and nerve blocks. Management of critically ill patients including ventilatory support

Facilities and Services
• 6 State of art Operation Theatres with pressurized, humidified air conditioning with laminar flow, Antistatic flooring and walls with Hermetic doors, LED lighting etc
• Operation rooms are provided with facilities for minimally invasive surgeries and equipments for advanced life support and anesthesia managed by a team of highly trained Anesthesiologist.
• State-of-the-art anesthesia work stations with passive scavenging, Anaesthesia and ICU ventilators, multi channel patient monitors.
• Theatre facilities also include laparoscopes for all types of keyhole surgeries.
• Laser machines
• 4 operating microscopes for fine surgeries
• 2 C-arm image intensifier
• Extra corporeal shock wave lithotrite for removing kidney stones without surgery.
• Facilities for conducting all specialty and superspecialty surgeries including renal transplant and total knee and hip replacement.
• Most modern Post Operative Care Unit.
Senior Faculty: 1. Dr. Yesudasan V S MD Professor & HOD of the Dept.
2. Dr. Ranjan John MD Professor.
3. Dr. Liya Abraham MD PGDCC Asst. Professor.
4. Dr. Priyamani DNB Asst. Professor.
5. Dr. Mili Rajappan DA DNB Asst. Professor.
Audiology and Speech Pathology
Functions primarily as an auxiliary wing of the hospital’s ENT department. The focus is on identification, evaluation and rehabilitation of persons with hearing, speech and language disorders. The Audiology lab is equipped with the latest instruments and a sound proof room for prompt and accurate assessment of hearing problems.

Facilities and Services
• Audiology
  - Pure tone Audiometry
  - Speech Audiometry
  - Impedance Audiometry
- Special Tests
• Speech Language pathology
• Assessment, Diagonosis and treatment of all kinds of speech, language and communication disorders of all ages
Manned by a team of five well-qualified and experienced cardiologists.Full Fledged Cath Lab with 24 hours Angiogram and Angioplasty

Facilities and Services
• The department is equipped with the latest 3D Echo Machine with colour Doppler, transesophageal and paediatric probes catering to echocardiograms of outpatients, in-patients and intensive care patients. Contrast echo studies are also carried out as and when required. The department is well coordinated with the cardio thoracic department, pulmonary medicine department in cases of corpulmonale and paediatric department in cases of congenital heart diseases. 
• We have a modern Treadmill Machine for stress tests to diagnose coronary artery disease in patients with chest pain or shortness of breath on exertion. It guides us regarding the stage of exercise including ischemia and degree of coronary artery disease based on ECG changes and patient’s symptoms.
• The department also facilitates 24-48 hrs Holter Monitoring, and Holter analysis. Heart blocks, pausee and anlythmias are proved and treated appropriately.
• The Cardiac ICCU is well equipped with defibrillators, ECG monitors, infusion pump sets, ABG analyzer, transvenous temporary pacing facility and transthoracic external pacing facility.
Dental Surgery
The Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) unit is one of the most popular and active departments of the hospital. The unit is equipped with state -of the -art facilities including RVG digital X-Ray, to render high end and efficient patient care. Our specialty services include oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, oral pathology, TMJ clinic and trauma care. The department has adopted the universal infection control protocol.

Facilities and Services
• Treating discolored teeth by bleaching
• Capping and veneering (metal/metal free)
• Replacement of missing teeth by implant and crown and bridge
• Correction of protruded jaw, gummy smile through orthogranthic surgery
• Maxillofacial trauma care and facial bone fracture management
• Reconstruction surgery for oral cancer
• Flap surgery
• Orthodontic work such as correction of irregular teeth with begg, straight wire tip edge and removable appliances
• Non surgical correction of excessive or deficient jaws of growing children
• Secondary cleft correction
• Soft tissue laser treatment
Dermatology & Venerology
The department of dermatology has a team of qualified and experienced doctors and is well equipped for treatment and management of almost all dermatological diseases. Selective cosmetological procedures are also performed by the department.

Facilities and Services 
• OP Clinic and In- patient treatment facility
• Allergy test
• Electric cautery & Chemical cautery
• Electrolysis
• Chemical peeling
• Microdermabrasion
• I Pulse Hair Removal
• Punch Flotation
• Punch grafting for vitiligo
• Cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen
• Fractional laser for skin resurfacing.
• Tap water Iontophoresis for palmoplantar, hyperhidrosis.
General Medicine
The Department of General Medicine was established in the year 1982. It is presently manned by a faculty of 9 doctors. The Department is responsible for providing frontline diagnostic support for patients with a wide range of illness. It also manages a wide variety of medical illness ranging from the common cold to life threatening infections, metabolic disturbances, connective tissues disorders, diabetes etc.
We have Out Patient clinics in the morning and evening all days of the week and also receive emergency admission through the casualty during non-op hours.
The Department is strengthened by the presence of eminent retired Professors of General Medicine from the Govt. Medical Colleges who are a source of invaluable knowledge and experience. Facilities & services
• Regular OP (Morning and evening)
• 24 hours Casualty Service
• Immunization for Hepatitis B, A; Chicken pox
• 24 hours X ray & ECG facilities, lab facilities
• Executive preventive health checkups
• Comprehensive management of patients
with diabetes, blood pressure, etc
Senior Faculty: D1. P.P.Joseph, F.R.C.P (E) - Chairman Rtd. Prof. of Government Medical College.
2. Dr.K.Rajamohanan.K. M.D. - Rtd. Professor, Govt. Medical College
3. Dr.Krishnan Chettiyar M.D. Rtd. Govt.Medical College-Professor
4. Dr.G.V.Rajan M.D. Rtd. Govt.Medical College-Professor
5. Dr.Baby Paul M.D. - Rtd Govt.Medical College-Professor
6. Dr. Dalus. D, MD Phd. Rtd. Professor Govt. Medical College
7. Dr.P.K.Krishnakumar M.D. Professor (Vellore Medical College)
8. Dr.Philip Oommen M.D. - Professor (HOD of the Dept.)
9. Dr. Archana Babu M.D. - Assoc. Professor

Junior Consultant: 1. Dr,Ranjani Ravi MD
2. DR. Aiswarya Prasad MD

DNB course is being conducted here for Medicine. At present there are 3 PG students. Five candidates completed the course and passed out, they are;

1. Dr. Sandeep Patil
2. Dr. Sonar Swapnil
3. Dr. Kumar Rajesh
4. Dr. Romi Prasad
5. Dr. Kalyani Ramesh

Special Clinics: Cardiology, Respiratory, Neurology, Gastroentology, Nephrology, Hypertension, Diabetic, Epilepsy, Headache, Geriatric, Memory, Psychiatry, Dermatology.
Total Outpatients 2016: 46,923 Total admissions 2016: 11,267
Facilities: For all investigations available. Biochemistry Histopathology, Microbiology, CT, M R I and other diagnostic procedures.
General Surgery
The General Surgery department is fully equipped to handle all routine and emergency surgical conditions including trauma. Our surgeons are available round the clock to attend to any surgical emergencies. The department collaborates seamlessly with other departments to ensure comprehensive patient care

The Department is a recognized postgraduate surgical training centre approved by National Board of Examinations (DNB). At present there are 3 PG students studying the course. 3 DNB PG’s passed the course and are working various Multi specialty hospital including here. The passed out PG’s are as follows;

1. Dr. Vikram Parame
2. Dr. Biju I G
3. Dr. Sivagama Sundari
4. Dr. Sharan Kumar

Excellent track record of Post Graduate training . 80% of students passed the DNB examination with first attempt itself.

Facilities & services
• Elaborate outpatient department supported by automated state-of-the-art laboratory and imaging department for quick and efficient diagnosis.
• Well equipped 24-hour emergency room manned by trained staff to tackle any emergency situation including trauma.
• 6 State of art Operation Theatres with pressurized, humidified air conditioning with laminar flow, modern Anesthesia work stations with scavergng, Antistatic flooring and walls with Hermetic doors, LED lighting etc.
• Operation rooms with all modern monitoring, minimally invasive surgeries, life support and anesthesia equipment managed by highly trained team of anesthesiologists with facilities for open & laparoscopic procedures.
• Well equipped Post Operative Ward with 22 beds with all monitoring facilities.
Senior Faculty: 1. Dr. P.A. Thomas M.S. - Chairman - Rtd. HOD Govt. Medical College, Tvm
2. Dr.Babu Subash Chandran M.S. -Prof. Rtd. Govt. Medical College, Tvm
3. Dr. M.Abdul Kalam - M.S. - Prof. Rtd Govt. Medical College, Tvm
4. Dr.B.K.Madhumohan M.S.M.Ch - Prof. & HOD Rtd Govt. Medical College, Tvm
5. Dr. Jacob Thomas - M.S. - Prof. Rtd Govt. Medical College, Tvm
6. Dr. P P Nayar - MS – Prof. Rtd. Medcal College Colleg, Tvm
7. Dr. Nandakumar U R - M.S. Mch- (Plastic Surgery) Professor
8. Dr. T. J. Mayadevi - M.S. Professor
9. Dr. Sheena Ponnappan M.S. - Asst. Prof.
10.Dr. Ashish George Daniel MS Mch- (Plastic Surgeon) Asst. Prof.
11 Dr. Renjith Hari MS Mch, Former Asst. Prof of Surgery, JIPMER
12. Dr. Biju I G DNB - Sr. Resident
13. Dr. Sivagama Sundari DNB - Sr. Resident
Special Clinics: Cardiothoracic, Neurosurgery, Surgical Gastroenterology, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Pediatric Surgery.
Total Outpatients 2016: 25,062 Total admissions 2016: 4756
Facilities: Keyhole Surgery
Department of Gastroenterology is equipped to handle the evaluation and management of all gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders.

Facilities & Services

• OP clinic which is open on all days except Sundays
• In-patient and Intensive Care facilities
• Therapeutic upper GI endoscopy including endotherapy for gastro intestinal bleeding. Variceal ligation, Sclerotherapy, Stricture dilation and stenting, polypectomy
• Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy including polypectomy and stenting
• Diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
• Endoscopic gastrostomy
• Hepatobiliary pancreatic ultrasonography and ultra sound guided procedures
Gynaecology & Obstetrics
The department of Gynaecology and obstetrics attends to the specific medical needs of women. A team of highly qualified and experienced gynecologists are available round the clock to attend to any emergencies. Special clinical services are also offered by the department to cater to holistic health care needs of women of all age groups.
DNB course was started in the year 2009. At present there are 10 PG students studying. 4 PGs are appearing for Final year examination in June 2017. The following six candidates passed out from here;

1. Dr. Seena K
2. Dr. Anitha Pawar
3. Dr. Leena Awasthi
4. Dr. Chinmaya Kulkarni
5. Dr. Madhuja Gopishyam
6. Dr. Minu Priya S

Facilities and Services
• OP on all days
• Well equipped labor room with fetal monitors
• Care of high risk obstetric cases
• Performance of all major and minor surgical procedures
• Endoscopic facilities- laparoscopy, hysteroscopy etc.
• Couple centered counseling in contraception, antenatel & postnatel care in reproductive health.
• Antinatel classes on labour, breast feeding, excercises in pregnancy in post partum & nutrition in pregnancy.
• Counseling regarding analgesis in labour.

Laproscopic procedures
• Diagnostic laparoscopy – Infertility, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory diseases uterine anomalies.
• Therapeutic procedures – Infertility, Endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids, ectopic pregnancy, hysterectomy, ovarian cysts & ovarian mass, tubal ligation, tubal recanalization.

Hysteroscopy :
• Diagnostic hysteroscopy -- Infertility, Abnormal uterine bleeding, submucus fibroids & polyps, uterine anomaly
• Therapeutic -- Infertility, fibroids, polyps, uterine septal resection, tubal cannulation, adhesolysis

Infertility :
• Complete evaluation of Husband & wife
• Hysterolaparoscopic procedures
• I U I
• Sonosalpingogram

Obstetrics :
• Antenatal counseling
• 1st trimester screening
• Targeted anomaly scan
• Management of high risk cases like I U G R, Multiple pregnancy, Diabetes in consultation with neonatology department
• Preterm delivery, PPROM, Preeclampsia
• Eclampsia
• Maternal diseases like Epilepsy, cardiac disease , auto immune disease like SLE , APLA Syndrome etc.
• Postnatal and family planning services

All gynaecological procedures Well women clinics –

 Cancer screening
 Breast , cervix

Menopausal symptoms management

Senior Faculty: 1. Padmasree Dr. Subhadra Nair M.S Chairman – Rtd .Prof.& H.O.D. Govt. Medical College
2. Dr.Kaveri Gopalakrishnan M.D - Rtd. Prof & H.O.D., Govt. Medical College
3. Dr. Sheela Shenoy MD, M.Phil - Rtd. Prof & HOD, Govt. Medical College
4. Dr. Girija Leela Rtd. MD Prof & HOD, Rtd. Govt. Medical College
5. Dr. Devika Rani B M.D. – Professor
6. Dr. Rema Sreejith MD - Professor
7. Dr. Elizabeth Priti Varghese - D.G.O.,DNB Asst. Professor

Junior Consultants: 1. Dr. Vimalamma Sreenivasan DGO
2. Dr. Nirmaladevi DGO
3. Dr. Thankam M S DGO

Special Clinics: • Antenatal clinic
• Postnatal clinic
• Family Planning clinic
• Infertility clinic
• Well women clinic
• Cancer detects clinic
• Adolescent clinic – starting shortly
• Menopause clinic - starting shortly

Total Outpatients 2016: 30,971 Total admissions 2016: 10894
Facilities: For all investigations, U.S.S.
Laboratory Medicine
Cosmo has well equipped and advanced laboratory services offering a wide range of investigations necessary for rendering patient care. Our laboratory is equipped with latest fully automated analysers and instruments for performing the laboratory investigations efficiently and with utmost accuracy.. The Department of Laboratory medicine is run by well experienced and qualified team comprising of pathologists, microbiologists, biochemists and laboratory technicians. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results, we have a well documented internal quality control programme. To improve the quality of test results, we are regularly participating in the External Quality Assurance Program conducted by Biorad, USA.
Otorhino Laryngology (ENT)
Department of Otorhino Laryngology (ENT) The department is manned by a team of specialized senior practitioners including retired hands from Medical College, Trivandrum. The availability of such experts has reinforced the department’s ability in carrying out major surgical procedures including microsurgeries in the ear, head and neck; microlaryngeal surgery; Rhinoplasty, endoscopic nasal surgeries and routine ENT surgeries.

Facilities and Services
• 24-hr emergency services
• Daily OP including Sundays
• Audiology Lab
• ENT Allergy Clinic
• Voice Clinic
• OP Nasal and Laryngeal Endoscopy
• OP examination under microscope
Senior Faculty: 1. Dr.P.Sukumaran M.S. Chairman, Rtd Director ofGovt Medical College.
2. Dr.Sasikumaran Nair M.S. Professor, Retd. Prof. of Govt. Medical College
3. Dr.S.S. Thampy - F R C S - Addl. Professor
4. Dr. George K Senapathy M.S., - Associate Professor
5. Dr.Anjana Dixon M.S., DLO., DNB - Associate Professor
6. Dr. Paul Samuel D.L.O., DNB - Asst. Professor
7. Dr. Anjana Dixon M.S., DLO., DNB(ENT) - SENIOR CONSULTANT
Special Clinics: Allergy Clinic, Voice Clinic, Sleep Study Clinic, Audiology Clinic,
Speech Therapy Clinic.
Total Outpatients 2013: 10059 per year Total admissions 2013: 2205
Operation load: 30-35 per year
Facilities: All endoscopic and biopsy procedures available with radiographic (CT &MRI)
The nephrology department of the hospital focuses on providing comprehensive and quality care to patients with kidney diseases. To ensure effective management and continuity of care we have a team comprising of a well experienced nephrologist, dialysis medical officers and trained nursing staff. The department has therefore initiated a Preventive Nephrology Clinic to provide patient education on prevention and management of kidney diseases.

Facilities & Services
• Morning OP on all week days
• Well equipped dialysis unit with 7 dialysis machines
• Nephro- ICU facility for critically ill patients
• Preventive Nephrology Clinic- patient education and management

Procedures done are:
• Jugular and subcutaneous cannulation facility
• Vascular Access Procedure
• Renal Biopsy
• Haemodialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis Facility for patients with acute/ chronic kidney disease
• CVVHD (Continuous Venu Venus Haemo Dialysis)
• Hemoperfusion & Plasmapheresis
The department of Neurology is staffed by three senior neurophysicians, one junior doctor, two physiotherapists and one speech therapist.

Clinical Services
• Stroke Clinic
• Epilepsy Clinic
• Movement Disorder Clinic 
• Cognitive & Neuro-behavioral Problems Patients with memory problems
• Neuromuscular Section This section deals with acquired & inherited childhood& adult neuromuscular illnesses
• Central Nervous Infection Section Patients with meningitis, encephalitis and their complication are diagnosed and treated.
• Headache / Vertigo Clinics Patients, both adult and children, with acute and chronic head aches are diagnosed and treated.
Neuro Surgery
Department of Neurosurgery performs surgical interventions to treat diseases affecting the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves. The Department is well-equipped with sophisticated hardware and devices to ensure the best form of patient care.

Senior Faculty: Dr. Maria Subison Mch(Neuro Surgery)
Dr. M.SAMBASIVAN MS (Gen.Surgery), MS (Neuro), FAMS, FRCS

• Contrast investigations-Percutaneous Carotid and Vertebral angiogram
• Management of Head Injuries
• Evacuation of extr dural,sub dural and Intracerebral heamatoma.
• Management of spontaneous Sub arachnoid haemorrhage
• Clipping of Intra Cranial aneurysms
• Shunt Surgery for Hydrocephalus
• Removal of Intra cranial tumours
• Spinal surgery for disc diseases
• Discetomy--Cervical Anterior approach
• Micro Lumber disc excision---Posterior approach
• Laminectomy and removal of Spinal tumours
• Management of Spina Bifida
• Peripheral Nerve surgery
• Correction of entrapment syndrone
• Treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
• Nerve sutures • Neurolysis.
• 24 hour emergency services
• Laseronics - applied neuro surgery
• Micro neuro surgery l House visits when needed
The Ophthalmology Department offers efficient surgical and non-surgical evaluation and management of eye diseases.
Auto Refractometer (computerized vision checking) (Topcon, USA) 
Contact lens clinic Slit-lamp biomicroscopy (Topcon, USA)
Applanation tonometry (Haag Strait, Swiss)
Indirect Ophthalmoscopy (Heine, Germany)
90-D and 3-mirror (Heine, Germany)
4-mirror Gonioscopy (Heine, Germany)
Corneal pachymetry (SONOMED, USA)
Humphrey Field Analysis (Carl Zeiss, Germany)
Moller Wedel operating microscope with video recording and CCTV system Swisstech Phacoemulsification (Switzerland)

Key hole Cataract surgery with rigid foldable multifocal IOLS
Glaucoma surgery
Ophthalmoplasty and DCR
Other major and minor intra-ocular & extra -ocular surgeries
Paediaitric ophthalmology
Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic
Uvea clinic Neuro-ophthalmology
Trauma care

The Department of Orthopaedics provides expert professional treatment of trauma of the musculo-skeletal system.
Facilities and Services
• Outpatient department 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm everyday including Sunday
• 24-hr trauma care
• Joint replacement (Hip, knee, shoulder, elbow)
• Arthroscopic surgery (Keyhole surgery) of knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip
• Shoulder surgery for recurrent dislocation, frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome
• Advanced fracture treatment using state-of-the-art implants & C-arm
Spine Surgery
• Microdisectomy
• Minimally invasive surgery for
   - Lumbar canal stenosis
   - Listhesis
   - Tumors
• Minimally invasive spinal fusion (TLIF)
• Spinal deformity(Scoliosis/Kyphosis)
• Spinal Tumors
• Spinal Trauma
• Kypho Plasty
• C-Spine Surgeries
   - Foraminotomy
   - ACDF
   - Anterior $ Posterior stabilisation
   -c1/c2 stabilisation

Special Clinics
1 Knee Clinic
2 Shoulder Clinic
3 Hip Clinic
4 Spine Clinic
5 Arthroscopy Clinic
6 Pediatric Ortho
7 Spine & Scolosis Clinic
Senior Faculty: 1. Dr. Devakumaran Nair MS - Chairman of the dept.
2. Dr. P K. Sundara Raj D’ Ortho, MS Ortho, MNAMS - Professor
3. Dr Ahammed Pillai Ms Ortho, DPMR, MNAMS - Professor Rtd. from Govt. Medical College
4. Dr. Srinivas R MS Ortho - Professor
5. Dr. Harish Chandran MS Ortho - Professor
. 6. Dr. Sabari Girish MS Ortho - Professor
7. Dr. Anwar Ismail MS Ortho - Asst. Professor
8. Dr. Sudhir S Pai D’ Ortho
Junior Faculty: 1. Dr. Vishnu R Unnithan MS Ortho
2. Dr. Niranj. G R MS Ortho

Special Clinics: Cardiology, Respiratory disease, Neurology, Gastroentology, Nephrology, Pediatric Surgery, Epilepsy, Diabetic, Dental, Clinical Psychology.
Paediatrics & Neonatology
Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology has six senior consultants with trained nursing staff and paramedical support along with 24 hour lab and radiology services. Focus is on facilitating comprehensive care to infants and children (0-12 yrs). The department has within its ambit a well equipped neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and a child development clinic to assess and facilitate effective child growth and development . The services of a specialist paediatric surgeon is also available on call.
*DNB course is being conducted since 3 years. One candidate completed the course and passed out. At present there are 5 PG students. 2 PGs appear for Final Examination in June 2017. Dr. Vidya V K , who completed the course has passed out.

Facilities and services
• Pediatrics services conduct OP, casualty and in-patient care
• Pediatrics services cover 24 hours routine, OP, causalty and in-patient care
• The paediatrics and neonatology dept. caters to 24 hours emergency and routine services.
• Emergency cover
A Consultant Paediatric Surgeon available on call, 24 hrs
• NICU supervised by Senior Neonatologists & Junior consultants
• Immunisation given on all days
• The neonatology department is a tertiary care centre with 8-bedded special care units equipped with warmers, phototherapy units, respiratory and cardiac monitor infusion pumps, ventilator, etc.
• Special care of premature and low very &low birth weight babies undertaken.
• Neonatal ventilatory facilities
• Pediatric I.C.U with 6 beds.

Speciality Clinics
Breast Feeding Clinic
Immunization Clinic
Child Development Clinic
Paediatric Neurology Clinic
Senior Faculty: 1. Dr. Tresa Thampy M.D. Chairman - Rtd. Govt. Medical College
2. Dr. Rajasekharan K P - M.D. - Professor
3. Dr. Rachel Jacob - M.D. - Professor
4. Dr. Renju Thomas - M.D. DCH - Assoc. Professor 5. Dr. Suni K Akbar DCH., DNB - Asst. Professor
6. Dr. Renju Thomas - M.D. - Asst. Professor
7. Dr. Swapna K Pillai - D C H M.D. - Ass. Professor
8. Dr. Joseph Johnson C - M.D. - Ass. Professor
9. Dr. Aruna moorthy M.D. (Neuro) - Ass.. Professor
11. Dr. Maya M K - D C H 12. Dr. Benno Andrew - M.D., Fellowship in Neonatalogy- Asst. Prof. Neonatology
13. Dr. Rose Mary Lawrence - M.D. (Neuro) DNB & Fellowship in Neurology - Asst. Professor
14. Dr. Ram Mohan - MS Paediatric Surgeon
15. Dr. Neeraja Balachandran -MD - Senior Resident
Special Clinics: Cardiology, Respiratory disease, Neurology, Gastroentology, Nephrology, Pediatric Surgery, Epilepsy, Diabetic, Dental, Clinical Psychology.
Total Outpatients 2016: 27,917 Total admissions 2016: 1198
Facilities: For all investigations available. Biochemistry Histopathology, Microbiology, CT, and all other diagnostic procedures.
Paediatric Surgery
Daily morning and evening OP Clinics (except Sunday Evening) with lab and imaging support on all days.

Comprehensive Paediatric Surgical services comprising
Neonatal Surgery
Paediatric Urology
Gastrointestinal Surgery
Correction of cleft lip & palate,
and other congenital anomalies

Endoscopic facilities
Paediatric cystoscopy
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
The department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in our institution aims at treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of individuals suffering from neuromusculoskeletal disorders, paralysis conditions, amputations, cardiopulmonary and other disabling conditions. Prosthetic and Orthotic requirements of the patients are also met by providing rehabilitation aids and appliances.

A well equipped and spacious Physiotherapy section functions as an auxiliary wing of the department of Physical Medicine and rehabilitation.It is installed with the latest equipments and machineries ranging from infrared therapy to the most modern laser therapy.We offer round-the-clock physiotherapy services .

Facilities & Services 
High power short-wave diathermy
Interferential therapy
Ultrasound therapy
Laser therapy
Intermittent traction for cervical and lumbar spine
Microstim Muscular stimulator with TENS
Infra red
Moist heat and wax bath
Electrical stimulation
Plastic Surgery
 The Department of Plastic Surgery offers services in various reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. All routine plastic surgical procedures are undertaken. The following is a comprehensive list of services available in this department.

Reconstructive Surgery

• Repair of wounds including injuries to face and facial structure (hyper link-Injuries to eye lid, nose, external ear, lips, cheek).
• Management of fractures of face especially of orbit and nose
• Management of scars following injuries or surgeries such as ugly scars on face or elsewhere on the body, hypertrophic scars and keloids.
• Management of skin lesions on the body such as moles, cysts, tumoursand skin cancers (hyper link- like basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma etc. Plastic surgery for these procedures aims at eradicating disease and reducing the scar on the skin.)
• Management of vascular anomalies (haemangiomas and vascular malformations)
• Reconstruction of skin & soft tissue defects(hyper link- defects may be due to injuries ,infection or cancers anywhere on the body) with skin grafting, flaps, VAC and Tissue Expanders

• Correction of birth defects (hyper link-cleft lip, cleft palate and related problems, absent ear, defective nose,congential defects of eye lids,nose,ear & neck)

• Congenital anomalies of chest including breast anomalies

• Congenital anomalies of genital regions like hypospadias, epispadias, buried penis, vaginal agenesis, clitoral hypertrophy and other related problems

Reconstructive Surgeries of hand (hyper link- Various Congenital anomalies of hand, congenital constriction bands on upper and lower limbs, repair and reconstruction of skin, tendons and nerves of hand following injuries, repair and reconstruction of peripheral blood vessels)
Reconstruction of defective parts of the body (hyper link Reconstruction of eyelids, nose, ear, lips, scalp and neck deformities or defects acquired due to infection, trauma or cancer, surgical management of cancers of head & neck region, reconstruction of head & neck regions after cancer excision, reconstructive surgery for facial paralysis, management of lymphoedema of upper limb, lower limb and genitalia,reconstruction of breast after mastectomy using implant or using flaps, repair of incisional hernia with or without abdorninoplasty which can be combined with other gynaecological procedures, hymenoplasty, management of non-healing ulcers especially of legs)

Management of burns - primary and post bum problems
Cosmetic Surgery(hyper link- Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty for bat ear and other misshapen ears, Correction of size of lips, Surgery for aging face,
Face lift, Brow lift, Blepharoplasty, Neck lift Liposuction forsubmandibular area and neck, Cosmetic surgery of breasts such as-
Mastopexy for sagging breasts
Reduction mammoplasty
Augmentation mammoplasty
• Correction of tubular breast
• Removal of gynaecomastia in males
• Body contouring surgery like
Liposuction of chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms-
Abdominoplasty, Armplasty, Thighplasty Hair transplantation)

•Antologous fat injection to correct depressions on the surface
Microsurgery Replantation of amputated parts like fingers, hand, penis, & scalp/Repair & reconstruction of injured peripheral nerves/Nodovenous anastamosis in lymphoedema/ Microvascular free flap surgery for covering complicated defects following trauma, especially legs or cancer excision

Liaison Psychiatry has been undergoing fast development and now we have specialized medical units in medical settings. Prompt recognition and evaluation of psychiatric problems are essential because psychiatric co-morbidity often exacerbate the course of the medical illness. Psychiatrists who work in medical settings are charged with providing expert consultation to medical and surgical patients, particularly psychosomatic disorders. A team of specialists in Cosmo is fully focused on realizing this objective. Facilities & Services
• General Psychiatry
• Child Psychiatry
• Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
• Marital Counseling
• Memory Clinic: To evaluate memory impairment in various type of dementia, particularly Alzheimer's disease
• Liaison Psychiatry: To provide psychiatric treatment needed to the patients coming with physical illnesses
Pulmonary & Critical Care / Chest Disease
The department was started in 1997 as the first of its kind in the private sector in Trivandrum by Dr. P Ravindran, MD, FCCP, Former Director, Professor and Head, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Medical College, Trivandrum. The Department has all the modern facilities for the diagnosis and management of Respiratory diseases, Allergic disorders and Critical illnesses.

DNB course was started in the year 2012. 6 PG students now doing the course. The following three candidates passed out from here in first chance

1 Dr. Neethu Mohan
2 Dr. Ajoy Samuel Mamen
3 Dr. Binoy U

Training Programs: The Department is recognized by the Indian College of Allergy and Applied Immunology for conducting Allergy and Immunology Workshops.
Research Program: Facilities available for undertaking research, designing of projects, statistical guidance and data analysis.
• 24 hours Emergency Respiratory and Critical Care Services
• Daily Out patient Services for Respiratory and Allergic disorders - morning and evening
• Speciality clinics
Speciality clinics
• Asthma and Allergy Clinic- For adults and children
• COPD Clinic
• Smoking Cessation Clinic
• Pulmonary rehabilitation Clinic
• Sleep disorder breathing Clinic
• Diagnosis of respiratory diseases
• Pre and Post bronchodilator lung function testing
• Assessment of pulmonary disability
• Monitoring of pulmonary function during treatment etc
• Pre operative pulmonary evaluation
• Standardized 6 minutes walk test.
• Fiber optic bronchoscopy - for evaluation of diseases of airways under local anaesthesia – Transbronchial biopsy
• Non invasive ventilator: BIP AP noninvasive ventilator for support of respiration without intubation in early respiratory failure in the Critical Care Unit
• Mechanical ventilators: Hosptial has the latest generation mechanical ventilators for ventilatory support in Critical illnesses
• Sleep Lab: For the evaluation of sleep realated breathing disorders like Sleep Apnoea, excessive snoring, etc.
• Intradermal allergy testing for evaluation of o Respiratory allergy o Drug allergy
• Arterial Blood Gas Analyser: For detecting the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood
• Other routine procedures done in the department o Pleural aspiration o Pleural biopsy o Chemical Plandism o Lung FNAC / biopsy o Tube thoracostomy o Pulse oxymetry
• Pulmonary function testing: Latest generation of computerized lung function testing for Diagnosis of respiratory diseases
• Pre and Post bronchodilator lung function testing
• Assessment of pulmonary disability
• Monitoring of pulmonary function during treatment
• Pre operative pulmonary evaluation
• Standardized 6 minutes walk test.
• Fiber optic bronchoscopy - for evaluation of diseases of airways under local anaesthesia – Transbronchial biopsy
• Non invasive ventilator: BIP AP noninvasive ventilator for support of respiration without intubation in early respiratory failure in the Critical Care Unit
• Mechanical ventilators: Hosptial has the latest generation mechanical ventilators for ventilatory support in Critical illnesses
• Sleep Lab: For the evaluation of sleep related breathing disorders like Sleep Apnoea, excessive snoring, etc.
• Intradermal allergy testing for evaluation of Respiratory allergy, Drug allergy and Allergens immunotherapy
• Arterial Blood Gas Analyser: For detecting the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood
• Other routine procedures done in the department Pleural aspiration Pleural biopsy, Chemical Pleurodens, Lung FNAC / biopsy, Tube thoracostomy, Pulse oxymetry.
• Medical thoracoscopy for diagnosis of pleural disorder
• A State of art Critical Care Unit with 22 beds and one negative pressure isolation room.
Special Clinics: 1. Dr. P Ravindran MD FCCP - Chairman Rtd. Director & Prof. & HOD Govt. Medical College, Tvm
2. Dr. Raveendran Nair M MD DTCD - Professor (Former Prof. Karakonam Medical College)
3. Dr. K Madhu DNB MNAMS Sr. Consultant-Pulmonary Medicine
Junior Consultants: 1. Dr. Neethu Mohan DNB
2. Dr. Ajoy Samuel Mamen DNB DTCD
Total Outpatients 2016: 14,895
Total admissions 2016: 886
Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
This department was started in 2000 June. At present, only closed heart surgery and general thoracic surgery are being performed. Programmes are in the pipeline for a Cathlab and CABG Programme op on all days morning hours except on sundays Facilities and Services A.Closed heart surgery:
• Closed mitral valvotomy
• PDA ligation and division suture
• Pericardiectomy
• Coarctation of Aorta correction
• Vascular Surgery -Arterial repair -AV Fistula for dialysis -Permanent Pacemaker implantation -Central Venous Catheterization for fluids and Haemodialysis B.General Thoracic
• Pneumonectomy ,Lobactamy, Decortication, Thoracoplasty
• Oesophageal surgery, Colon replacement for corrosive stricture oesophagus, , feeding gastrostomy, pharyngostomy
• Mediastinal surgery
• Diaphragmatic repairs
• Chest wall tumors C. Endoscopy
• Oesophagoscopy
• Paediatric bronchoscopy
• Paediatric foreign body removal
• Bronchoscopic suction
• Tube thoracostomy for massive pleural effusion, Hemothorax, Hemopneumothorax, emphyscema
• Excision cervical rib, scalerstomy • Cervical lymph node biopsy
Radio-diagnosis & Imageology
The department of Radiology is manned by an intensively trained team managed by highly qualified and experienced radiologists .It is equipped with technologically advanced equipment and offers a wide range of services, from routine radiography services like X-Ray to specialized Ultrasound, Doppler and CT scan facilities.
Facilities and Services
Diagnostic Radiography
• All routine conventional radiography
Special Radiographic procedures
• Barium swallow
• Barium meal and follow through
• Barium enema
• Intravenous urography
• Micturating cystourethrography
• T-tube cholangiography
• Fistulography
• Portable radiography
• C-arm services Ultrasonography and Doppler
• Abdominal and obstetric studies
• Vascular Doppler- extremities, carotid, pregnancy, scrotum, renal and penile Doppler studies
• Breast ultrasound
• Small part studies- parietal wall, chest, thyroid, neck, salivary gland, scrotal and infertility studies
• Musculoskeletal ultrasound
• Pediatric neurosonography Ultrasound guided procedures
• FNAC, biopsy and drainage
• Fluid aspiration, both diagnostic and therapeutic CT Scan
• Whole body CT scan- brain, sella, paranasal sinus, orbit, temporal bone, TM joint, neck, thorax, abdomen, spine, joint, CT urogram and HRCT studies CT guided diagnostic procedures
• FNAC, biopsy and drainage
Urology & Andrology
This department started in 1986 has all urological facilities including Extracorporeal Lithotripsy, Endoscopic Surgery, Microsurgery and Renal transplantation.
• Cystoscopy
• Ureterorenoscopy, Laser Lithotripsy for Renal, ureteric and bladder stones
• Extracorporeal Lithotripsy (ESWL) for nonsurgical management of renal stones
• Bipolar TURP and TURBT for Prostatic enlargement and bladder cancer
• TURP and TURBT (Conventional)
• Microsurgery
• Open Urolological Operations
• Renal transplants
• Microsurgical operations for Infertility
• Surgery for impotence including correction with penile implant.
• Tumour surgery
• All Urological emergencies including trauma cases.
• Laser Lithotripsy and Bipolar TURP/ TURBT are exclusive and unique procedures done in this hospital.

"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." 

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